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Hydrocarbon reactions such as isomerization, oligomerization, alkylation, reforming and dehydration are initiated by activating the C-H bond as a starting point. Catalysts have
been traditionally classified for these reactions based on the active metal (typically Platinum Group Metal or PGM) that is incorporated in the support material.

We at Viridis believe that the support is in fact has a larger role to play than providing a playing field for the active metal (typically PGM) on its surface. If designed correctly, the support material facilitates the ideal chemical bond activation for initiating the hydrocarbon reaction at hand. It also provides the ideal metal to support interaction to maximize the electron sharing capability of the PGM.

Viridis’ core competence lies in developing new materials with modulated acidity and basicity that can be used as efficient catalysts in comparison to existing technologies. It uses fundamental molecular level simulations (density functional theory) to devise and innovate new catalyst matrices that target the improvement of the slowest (rate determining) step in each chemistry.

Bader charge analysis on the
effect of dopants

Charge density optimization for obtaining optimal
acidity near doped molecule in catalyst matrix

Optimized catalyst matrix for fastest
rate determining step reaction

Tuning of acidity by variation in charge
density of the various dopants in the matrix

Viridis uses its simulation capabilities in collaboration with advanced surface characterization techniques to minimize the scale-up time required to carry new materials developed in laboratory scale all the way to manufacturing.

In addition to catalyst synthesis capabilities, Viridis has comprehensive testing facilities for analyzing physio-chemical properties in
addition to performance evaluation in fixed bed reactor units. Performance studies can be conducted for evaluate catalysts for –
reforming, isomerization oligomerization, dehydration etc.

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Analytical and Testing Facilities at Viridis

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